Fried and Gone to Heaven

8 March, 2011 | | 1 Comment

They say the au pair program is meant to be a cultural exchange–not just a good way to get permanent onsite babysitting–and what better way to understand another culture then through fried food?

Carina, our beloved au pair, hails from Austria, where on Shrove Tuesday they like to indulge in a pre-Lenten feast of raised doughnuts filled with apricot jam and sprinkled in powdered sugar. Called faschingskrapfen they are light and yeasty on the inside, and crunchy and perfectly fried on the outside. The lemon-y apricot jam completes the experience with a tangy burst. (As a note, I hate the word “tangy” in food writing almost as much as I hate “burst.” Don’t know why. Just feels like they are last-resort food descriptors. So forgive me, but it works here.)

While the doughnuts taste delicious, the smell of frying yeast doughnuts wafting through my house is without compare.

Thank you, Carina!

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1 comment
  1. Robert says:

    I´m happy to read this lines… however… try mine
    Robert (Hofkirchen, Austria)

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